R.I.P. Fokko Versloot

Fokko Versloot (1982 - 2009)

Last Saturday Dutch DJ / producer and Cloud 9 Dance employee Fokko Versloot passed away in his house in Rotterdam.

Last Saturday, July 4th, Dutch DJ / producer Fokko Versloot passed away after an accident in his house that happened after (most likely) and epileptic attack. 

Taken from http://www.cloud9dance.com

Saturday evening the fourth of July, we received the dreadful news that our colleague Fokko Versloot had passed away. The 26 year old dj/producer/journalist/party-organiser hit a table in his Rotterdam home, after a fall which was likely caused by an epileptic attack of which he didn’t survive the injuries. 

Fokko worked as promotion manager at Cloud 9 Dance and was also a very talented DJ/Producer. 

This summer was supposed to be his summer. Already one of his dreams was recently fulfilled, a gig at Awakenings, with performances at Dance Valley and Loveland Festival lined up, the breakthrough of Fokko Versloot (together with his lifelong buddy Koen Lebens) was really a fact. With his records being played by the biggest dj’s, we could all foresee an impressing career. 

Fokko, this should never have happened. 
We will miss you and make sure nobody will ever forget you


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