F430’s raw tuner

ASI’s Ferrari F430

Tuning firms have a habit of ruining things. Everything they touch turns to bling or fake carbon fibre and while chavs shout a collective whoop, we just wince.

Sometimes, though, they make a pretty good fist of things. Check out this tuned F430 from Japanese firm ASI. Racey, eh? It’s got the usual stuff – new bumpers, new skirts, fixed wing. But brilliantly, this kit weighs a whole 27kg less than a standard affair. That’s almost as much as an entire jockey.

And it’s nice to see a little restraint. Usually a tuned nutter car would have alloys the size of wagon wheels, painted pink for full naff effect. We’re fans of these black ones, though there will be some 19-inchers available in August.

The kit costs $15,000 and if you fancy going a step further, ASI will eek some more power from the ECU, sort your suspension and throw in a new exhaust too. 

That’ll keep the chavs happy.

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