Lambo teasing: volume three

Yet another teaser photo of the mystery new Lambo has emerged from Sant’ Agata, and we’re still hooked on this slow-burning pre-Paris soap opera.

The third shot shows the rear tail-light cluster, a sharp slatted affair drawing clear inspiration from the ‘fighter jet’ arrows of the Reventon and LP560-4. We love those three-pronged brake lights.

But there’s more here than pretty lights. Look closely and you’ll see the obvious cut line for a boot lid – further evidence that we’re looking at a front-engined Lambo, no?

The evidence seems conclusive – last week’s front fender shot showed a vent behind the wheel that, we reckon, could only indicate an engine cooling duct.

But what flavour of front-engined Lamborghini, do you reckon? The long-rumoured four-door? A 599-rivalling GT? Maybe even a Ferrari California-style folding hard-top?

Or are we all being led up the Parisian garden path?

  • Lambo, erm, thing?
  • Lambo, erm, thing?
  • Lambo, erm, thing?


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