Citroen teasing: 4

Matching Lamborghini glimpse-for-glimpse, Citroen has hoicked the metaphorical skirt up just a fraction more on its distinctly angry looking GT concept and released another teaser picture.

Details on the GT are still being kept firmly under wraps, though. We know it’ll be properly unveiled in Paris next week, and we know it’ll be featured in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue thereafter.

Beyond that, well, it’s all about gleaning what we can from the glacially drawing-back of that red blanket. The most recent image confirms what we’d previously thought: the GT is shaping up to be one proper angry mo’fo. (The whole street-talk thing doesn’t suit us, does it?)

That front splitter gets more awesome the more we see of it, and even Citroen double chevron badge seems to have taken on an air of genuine menace. Those side air intakes could swallow a small child, too.

As we said last week with the Lamborghini, we don’t usually go in for this slowly-slowly teasing thing, but Citroen has us hooked with this one. And look at that – we’re mentioned Citroen in the same breath as Lambo. Good work, lads.

  • Citroen GT concept
  • Citroen GT concept
  • Citroen GT concept
  • Citroen GT concept


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