Sunlounger – Sunny Tales

One year after the overwhelming success of the debut his album “Another Day On The Terrace”, which was a steady release for a long period in several stores globally and it even reached the number 1 position on iTunes, Roger P. Shah delivers another great album under his Sunlounger guise!

“Sunny Tales” has become a compilation with, like the title gives away, sunny records with lush melodies and beautiful vocals which bring out the summer in you. The journey to the sun starts with the hypnotizing guitar intro of the title track “Sunny Tales” and takes you to the sun-touched, Spanish influenced “Balearic Breakfast”.

Roger P. Shah has been producing, commercial minded, tracks since 1995. Until just a few years ago, when he decided he wanted to develop himself into a dance music composer. After several releases Armada Music contacted him to start cooperating on his releases. This resulted in a top 5 chart hit, in the Dutch singles chart, with his track “Going Wrong”, the collaboration of him with the number 1 DJ of the world, Armin van Buuren.

“Sunlounger – Sunny Tales” is a double pack, just like Sunlounger`s last years album “Another Day On The Terrace”, with on CD1 the original, lounge versions of all the tracks to listen to on your way on vacation, on the beach or even in traffic jam to feel a little bit of sunshine. On CD two you will find the dance versions of these tracks, to get you in the ultimate summer mood.

Let the sunshine in, and kick off this summer with the “Sunny Tales” of Sunlounger!

Tracklist for CD1 and CD 2:
01. Sunlounger – Sunny Tales (Chill / Dance Version)
02. Sunlounger ft kyler England – Change Your Mind (Chill / Dance Version)
03. Sunlounger – Mediterranean Flower (Chill / Dance Version)
04. Sunlounger & Zara – Lost (Chill / Dance Version)
05. Sunlounger – Spiritual Hideout (Chill / Dance Version)
06. Sunlounger ft Cap & Stephanie Asscher – Heart Of The Sun (Chill / Dance Version)
07. Sunlounger – Punta Galera (Chill / Dance Version)
08. Sunlounger ft Lorilee – Your Name (Chill / Dance Version)
09. Sunlounger – Catwalk (Chill / Dance Version)
10. Sunlounger & Zara – Talk To me (Chill / Dance Version)
11. Sunlounger & Ingsha ft Simon Binkenborn (Chill / Dance Version)
12. Sunlounger ft Seis Cuerdas – A Balearic Breakfast (Chill / Dance Version)

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