Van Dyk reveals new set for Colourfes

Paul van Dyk reveale  he has created a unique new set which combines a live show and traditional mixing.

Clubbers favourite van Dyk has said fans of Colourfest, which will be held next month, will get a chance to see the new set up and hear his new sounds, reports the Sunday Mail.

The top DJ said he will be trying out new riffs and hooks on his synths and he will judge the reaction from the crowd at the music event in Bradford to see whether the sound will go onto his new album.

Paul told the newspaper: “When I play now, it is a strange thing – it is not what people traditionally think of as a DJ set. I use my skills as both a DJ and producer at the same time on stage.”

He said he often makes up the music as he goes along and if the crowd goes crazy he remembers the chords and lays them onto a track.

Colourfest is coming into its seventh year and will showcase 15 new DJ’’s to the scene as well as Judge Jules and Woody Van Eyden in the ten hour party.

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