Touareg – Airwave



Label: Bonzai Music

Touareg is the 4th album by Belgian producer Airwave. 17 tracks that are combining the early Aiwave sound integrated into his new current sound giving an excuisite blend of music including collaborations with artists from all kinds of ethnic origins. A a bonus some of his classics have been re-recorded and reworked into a 2K8 outfit giving them a proper sound and mixing. From a chilling opening movie anthem to solid trance mixed with true anthemic melodies to even an experimental beats track.

CD 1
 1. Notice Of Eviction
 2. Punjabi Child
 3. Sunshine In Your Heart (featuring Didier Likeng)
 4. Candy Of Life
 5. Coka’s Song (featuring Coka)
 6. Mind Repair Centre
 7. Urban Touareg – Vocal Mix (Vocal by Angélique Arys)
 8. Mahebourg Express (featuring Coka)
 9. Batignolles Blues (featuring Ludovic Meyer)
 2. Above The Sky 2K8
 3. The Division Bell 2K8
 4. Sunday Dark Firma
 5. Lightspeed 2K8
 6. Sky Blues 2K8
 7. Angelica – Sagittaire Remix (featuring Markus Schulz)
 8. Haka For Peace
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