In Search Of Sunrise 7 :: Asia

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In Search Of Sunrise 7 Asia, which was mixed and recorded in Thailand, captures the peaceful and intensively passionate way of life together with the vigorous activity that Tiesto encountered during his tour through the region this spring.



With past stops in Latin America, Los Angeles and last years Ibiza,

Tiesto shows that Asia gave him the inspiration to deliver a brand new, double disc mix compilation, which beautifully expresses what he experienced on his journeys.


On In Search of Sunrise 7 Asia, Tiesto offers up a seamless trip through the latest and best trance, house and techno with an Asian flair, spread over two full length discs.


I wanted to mix the concept behind ISOS 7 over two separate sets

in such a fashion that the listeners can get a proper impression of what it means to tour Asia, he says.


Disc one will dwell on the easy going ambience and overwhelming beauty of the continent, whereas the second disc will focus on the incredible energy of the Asian people I felt during the live sets throughout the Asian tour.


CD 1
 1. Banyan Tree – Feel The Sun Rise
 2. Andy Duguid featuring Leah – Wasted
 3. King Unique – Yohkoh (King Unique Original Mix)
 4. Motorcitysoul – Space Katzle (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
 5. Three Drives – Feel The Rhythm (Ton TB Dub Mix)
 6. Rachael Starr – To Forever (Moonbeam Remix)
 7. Jerry Ropero featuring Cozi – The Storm (Inpetto Remix)
 8. Kamui – Get Lifted
 9. Cary Brothers – Ride (Tiësto Remix)
 10. Airbase featuring Floria Ambra – Denial
 11. Dokmai – Reason To Believe
 12. Cressida – 6AM (Kyau & Albert Remix)
 13. Allure featuring Christian Burns – Power Of You.
 14. Clouded Leopard – Hua-Hin

CD 2

 1. Steve Forte Rio featuring JES – Blossom (Lounge Mix)
 2. Zoo Brazil – Crossroads
 3. Beltek – Kenta
 4. Sied van Riel – Rush
 5. Tiësto – Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix)
 6. Carl B. – Just A Thought
 7. Kimito Lopez – Melkweg
 8. JPL – Whenever I May Find Her (Joni Remix)
 9. Estiva vs. Marninx – Casa Grande
 10. Existone – Wounded Soul
 11. André Visior & Kay Stone – Something For Your Mind (Guiseppe Ottaviani Remix)
 12. Hensha – The Curtain
 13. DJ Eremit – Tanz Der Seele (YOMC Remix)
 14. Manilla Rising – Beyond The Stars
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