Dark destroyer

This is the Geiger Cars Corvette Z06 Black Edition. Don’t look at it; you’ll turn to stone.

Meaner than Medusa with PMT (is that sexist?), the Black Edition is the result of some serious tuning by Geiger Cars – a German company famous for never saying ‘enough’s enough’ when it comes to modifying cars. For example, Geiger builds the world’s fastest Hummer (top speed 156mph)…

Anyhoo, the Black Edition has a Ferrari F430/Enzo-style rear end with LED lights, a big front lip spoiler and a set of deeply cool 19- or 20in black rims.

The 505bhp 7.0-litre V8 is listed as standard, although who could refuse Geiger’s Stage 1 performance kit that’s good for 542bhp? The kit includes a new exhaust, manifolds and induction system. Top speed is a none-too-shabby 203mph.

We’ll have ours in, er, black.

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