Sebastien Tellier Goes Eurovision



The French have gone and dramatically enhanced their chances of winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest by announcing electronic hero Sebastien Tellier as their representative.
The cool, really quite hairy musician made his latest LP with Guy from Daft Punk (which explains the rather intimidating masked figure standing over his shoulder in the press photo, if you were wondering!)
He’s also worked with Mr Oizo and Ed Banger man SebastiAn to produce some of the best examples of quirky modern French music, while his solo single Ritornelle is an absolute chilled pop classic.
The song he’ll be taking to Belgrade is from his recently released LP Sexuality called Divine, but as all the lyrics are in English it’s rumoured a new Anglo-French version might be recorded.
With Eurovision once being criticised for being an awful cheese-fest of Oompah bands and traditional Greek millitary dancing, then becoming a bit of a camp classic for the same reason, it today stands under a cloud of alleged vote skulduggery for both political and regional gain.
Still, Tellier’s tripped-out take on pop is perfect Eurovision material and should do well, if left to compete on a level playing field with the usual assortment of trannies and soap stars. Let’s hope he can represent the more respectable side of electronic music in Euro-land for once!
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