Scratch DJing on an iPhone



We’ve already seen a ‘piano’ application for the iPhone, and a ‘guitar’ which features ‘strings’ you can strum on. We’ve even found videos of ‘bands’ playing these ‘instruments’ on YouTube, (one including a Nintendo DS percussion section). However ‘innovative’ the results are to watch, the music is not really going to be heard in a nightclub near you any time soon.
Somewhat inevitably then, we’ve now seen news of the MixMeister Scratch, a ‘turntable’ that can be used to scratch tracks played on an iPhone or iPod.
Check out the demo video, while wondering what the hell use this really is other than another way of showing off the ‘amazing’ yet essentially useless things your expensive telephone can do.

If you had 2 phones, you could perform some kind of scratch mix… but why the hell would you have 2 phones when you can buy some proper DJ equipment? Answers below please.
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