One’s (and Two’s) off the Wrist



Some more DJ related tat for you on the blog today. Check out the TableTurns watch from Flud Watches. How bling is that?!
Fully reproducing a Technics 1200 deck, but in wristwatch form, this is one of a range of new DJ targetted timepieces aimed at the hip hop community, but sure to find favour amoung vinyl fetishists from all walks of life.
The faithfully true to the original design looks like it could take your eye out, but there’s no question it would be a good ice breaker at parties.
Funnily enough, watches seem to be going the way of vinyl and becoming increasingly rare these days, what with everyone carrying the time around on their phones, but hey ho.
Don’t confuse this firmly retro device with the new portable digital DJing tools like the forthcoming Pacemaker though – this watch ain’t playing any music. Actually hang on a minute… How about: “The WristScratch: Real wiki-wiki wrist action, wherever you are!” 
Now there’s another bad idea…
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