Chemical Brothers Take Grammy



Far be it for us to begrudge The Chemical Brothers their win for Best Electronic/Dance Album at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last night. Their 6th album, We Are The Night proved they’ve still got what it takes (even if the The Salmon Dance was a little too whacked-out for those who hadn’t dropped enough acid to find it amusing).
Still though, wouldn’t it be nice as the dust settles on just one of these back-slapping gong fiestas, if we had a really exciting result to talk about? 
The Chems first won a Grammy in 1997 (for Block Rocking Beats, comically enough in the ‘Best Rock Instrumental Performance’ catagory), and added 2 more in 2005.
They may be a huge act, playing a string of great live events, – including blowing us away at Trafalgar Square last year – but isn’t it all a little… obvious?
Of course, had they not won, and fellow nominee Tiesto had scooped the prize, there would be a whole different set of howls of disaproval. And, despite being one of the most hyped bands of the year, had French upstarts Justice grabbed it, the word ‘obvious’ would still be bandied about.
Getting angry about awards ceremonies is part of the tradition, so despite the grumbling we congratulate Tom and Ed on their achievement (and longevity in a dance act is definitely something to be celebrated).
Meanwhile, as more of the old ways of the music industry crumble under the effects of digital, we wonder if awards might just get a whole lot less ‘obvious’ in the coming years.
What do you think? Moans, groans, cheers, support (from passionate Tiesto fans, perhaps?!) bile and banter below please…
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