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The future’s green

It looks like a genetically mutated deep-sea crab, but Audi’s Dynamic Space Frame is based around a hydraulic fluid drive in place of a traditional driveshift. The fluid-filled suspension responds to electrical currents to control the ride. Eco-pioneer Honda has embraced the Californian outdoor lifestyle with the Extreme concept. With interchangeable body panels that can be individually modified, the Extreme’s … Continua a leggere

Alfa Romeo Brera S

It might make you proud to be British to hear that Alfa Romeo has sought to redress the general dynamic shoddiness of the Brera for the UK market. Meaning, we’d like to think, that we’re such a discerning and focused bunch of car buyers. Hmm… The fact that it’s still not all that great might also imply that we’re a … Continua a leggere

Snakes on Cayenne

As if the Porsche Cayenne didn’t already wind up every Tom, Dick and Swampy with so much as a hint of eco-concern, German tuning firm Hamann Motorsports has ensured that you’ll never get an invite to the Greens’ Christmas party by making the big off-roader even more garish, fitting the interior with the skins of cute innocent snakes. Actually, we … Continua a leggere

Flower Power

  We thought that Fierenzo-thing we showed you yesterday was a safe bet for Most Tasteless Car of the Week – hell, the year – but this might just top it. This is the ASI Tetsu GTR, a Japanese-modified Bentley Conti GT that proves it’s not only the Germans who can do Bad Things with Fast Cars. We’re not sure … Continua a leggere

What on Earth is the Tenori-On?!

We went to a really cool launch party for a new Yamaha’s hot new Tenori-On musical instrument last night. It’s pretty hard to describe what this strange box of lights and sounds can actually do, but we had a test drive and it’s certainly addictive. The designer, Toshio Iwai, talked us through his lifetime obsession for making music from computers, … Continua a leggere

Real-Ronaldo, maxiofferta

Secondo la stampa inglese, Madrid mette sul piatto un faraonico quinquennale da 15 milioni di sterline a stagione. Il portoghese esce allo scoperto: “Mi piacerebbe se fosse vero che sono disposti a pagare me e il Manchester quanto dicono” La pagina del Daily Express che riporta la maxi offerta del Real LONDRA (Gb), 5 giugno 2008 – Il Real Madrid … Continua a leggere

«Perche’ dovrei parlare di chelsea e Lampard? Non sono un pirla»

Mourinho si presenta in italiano: «Non sono speciale io ma l’Inter» Stupisce per la lingua, anche con termini non «canonici»: «Contattato dopo il ritorno con il Liverpool»     José Mourinho (Newpress) MILANO – «Non sono qui per parlare in portoghese». José Mourinho si presenta in conferenza stampa sfoggiando un italiano piuttosto fluido. Del resto, durante il tira-e-molla tra Inter … Continua a leggere